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Valentine's day
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how was your valentin's day, guys?

i had no school yesterday(valentine's day) because of heavy snow so actually i didn't anything yesterday.
but day before yesterday many ppl presented flowers in our school.
that was awesome :)

my best friend Kayla got big bouquet.
but there was no name and written only "from your friend."
so she asked every her friends, but nobody knows who sent it

weird haha

there is NOT White day here.
american send present not only boyfriend or girlfriend but also parents and their friends.

so i got them from my mom :)

well, in japan it's the day girls ask someone to be her boyfriend. i told my hostfamily about it and they were surprised about it. haha
and they also told me there is the day ppl ask to their boyfriend or girlfriend here, too.
it is around end of Febuary, and only once for 4 years. lol
i forgot name of the day... X(

oh, you know what?
i did shoveled snow yesterday and the day before yesterday. i LOVE snow,, but i didn't like shoveling!
i did it for 2 hours a day!!!!
still my back hurts,, shoot

but i still LOVE snow :)

i'm short and i wore big shose (host fathers')
i was like hobit lol
do you know what is hobit?
if you don't know, watch the movie "Lord Of The Ring"

i wish snow never melted.


see ya <3 ya!
Orientation sleepover
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I went to AFS sleep over from sunday to monday with other exchange students in PA and West Virginia.
It was just so great!


Our chapter doesn't have many meetings so i missed them so bad.
we are talked a lot, like till 4am :d
i was glad to be able to do "exchange student talk"
(i wish i could hear Varena's story that's one thing i couldn't.)
i think we could know each other better than before.
i love them so much.
they are nice, they are funny, they are special.

when we hang out i don't even think like that but
they are from all over the world and we met here and
we are having fun together like this.
that's miracle,,and GREAT!

seriously, i cannot imagine how feeling when i leave here.

someone said
"we miss home when we are here, we'll miss here when we are athome. we probably always miss something."
yeah, exactly.

that's so sad!
but it's also kind of good thing, too
coz we love people here that's way we'll miss them.

anyways i wanna have fun as much as possible :)
we have only 4 months left.

by the way,
my Eglish is getting better slowly but surely!

can you see my blond hair in third picture?
i got it yesterday :b haha. how do you think?